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How STAMP Works

When you sign on to use STAMP our team of highly experienced customer success managers will guide you through the STAMP cycle.

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  1. PREPARE - First, we identify which customer segments you want to assess and why

  2. ASSESS - Next, we help you develop a custom performance assessment to evaluate what is most important to you clients and determine how well you are delivering on their needs

  3. VISUALIZE - Then we deploy STAMP to your customers and gather insights on each and every customer in real time

  4. ACT - Right away, STAMP will identify and alert you on a subset of customers for which you are underperforming; typically we find at least 20% of customers fall in this category. STAMP then empowers you to quickly take action to acknowledge the issues with your specific clients and begin the journey in rectifying their issues

  5. ADAPT - STAMP will also show you in real time the areas you are underdelivering across your broader book of business so you can development and implement initiatives to improve overall performance.

STAMP empowers organizations to systematically analyze what’s most important to their customers, measure performance in key categories, and implement remediation and retention plans – down to the individual client level. The result is significantly improved renewal rates, increased recurring revenue, and maximized customer lifetime values.

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