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STAMP is the industry's first Retention Automation platform that uses AI to systematize the retention process, saving clients time and increasing their retention.

How Does STAMP Work

STAMP combines objective customer feedback, internal company datasocial listening and industry dynamics to create actionable insights and
playbooks to retain customers.

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STAMP, The Retention Automation Platform That Helps You Systematically...

Determine what's most important to your customers and channel partners

ldentify key playbook strategies and tactics  

See how well you are delivering against their needs

Track trends and progress over time 

Alert you when you are underperforming

Benchmark yourself against your peers and competitors

STAMP Produces Multiple Real Time Dashboards


STAMP produces a dashboard on every client visualizing company performance across key areas of customer need. Each dashboard has 3 parts:

Top: Overall Perspectives & Customer Sentiment
Provides high-level summary of account performance on key indicators such as Net Promoter and Ease of Doing Business.  An overall “customer sentiment” score is also provided, based on STAMP’s proprietary algorithm. 


Middle: Category Scorecard
Visualizes average importance and performance scores showing how your company is meeting the needs of customers and accounts in key categories, while providing alerts when client needs are not being met.


You can have as few as 3 or as many as 6 categories. 

Bottom:  Statement Metrics By Category

Each category is made up of a series of statements.  This section shows performance versus importance for each statement, quantifies the gap, and identifies whether you are exceeding, meeting or underperforming. 

STAMP also produces performance management dashboards to compare each account manager against his or her peer group to see who is leading, at parity, or lagging. 

Top: Likelihood To Recommend

Summarizes each account manager’s Likelihood to Recommend and Ease of Doing Business scores, relative to their peers.


Middle: Alert Overview

Summarizes the number of alerts by account manager relative to the total.

Bottom:  Category Performance

Shows each account manager’s category average scores relative to their peer group, including the gap and alert status. 


For any campaign, STAMP provides aggregate dashboards visualizing customer sentiment, NPS and other overall perspectives, category metrics, and alerts by STAMP.

Top: Summary Metrics

Shows an overview of the Likelihood to Recommend and NPS score, Ease of Doing Business, and completion status.


Middle: Major Category Alerts
Visualizes major category alerts, including for which companies and participants the company is performing below expectations.

Bottom:  Category Performance

Shows for each category, how important it is to customers compared to how well the company is delivering, including whether the category is on alert status.

The STAMP Dashboard Hierarchy

Allows You To View Results On Multiple Levels

Individual Dashboad
Company Dashboad
Account Manager Dashboard
Segment Dashboard

Shows the results for each individual contact

Roles individual assessments in to an aggregate company view

  • Visualize performance over time.

  • View comparisons against industry benchmarks.

  • Import CRM, Financial, Operating, and other internal data and use AI to run advanced analytics 

Advanced Visualization / Analytics  Available

Learn More

Account Manager
Provides a dashboard view by account manager to assess how well each account owner is delivering against the needs of their book of business

Aggregates companies together with like characteristics to view segments (e.g. by region, by company size, etc.)

STAMP Playbooks

STAMP Playbooks specifically address actions to be taken coming out of the visualization phase - namely  those that importance is high and performance is low. ACT addresses clients/account managers on alert status. ADAPT addresses cross client issues.

Give Us A Try

Try STAMP out!  Create dashboards on 3 of your top customers.  Simply tell us a bit more about your company.


Common Questions About STAMP

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