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2-Way Communication Is Critical During This Coronavirus National Emergency

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We are dealing with an unprecedented event on a global scale and are having to figure things out for the first time. One such thing is communication with our constituents, whether clients, consumers, channel partners, suppliers and so on.

My company has already received 40-50 email communications from our various vendors and suppliers, reassuring us in these trying and scary times. Of course, we pay greater attention to certain communications, more prevalent to our day to day business operations -- such as from our health insurance company, our banks, and our software hosting vendors.

But what do all of these communications have in common? They are all one-sided. They are working to assure me everything is going to be ok, without full consideration of what we as a company (or individual) need during this crisis.

As a leader in customer engagement and retention, we strongly encourage you to consider making your communications 2-way. Specifically, we recommend you ask your constituents what is most important to them. Have them tell you how well you are meeting their specific needs, as we all navigate the Coronavirus outbreak.

Leveraging our STAMP Retention Automation platform, we have developed a template you can use to open up this 2-way communication.

Our recommended questions include... (of note, you can replace "our company" with your specific company name)

The Modified NPS Question: Based solely on your experience with our company to date, through this Coronavirus outbreak, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

The Modified EoDB Question: How easy is it to work with our company during the Coronavirus outbreak?

The Importance / Performance Attributes: (i.e. for each one we ask how important each attribute is followed by how well we are performing on the attribute)

  • Our company provides you with relevant Coronavirus communications on a timely basis.

  • Our company educates you on what I should be concerned about most in regards to the Coronavirus.

  • Our company responds to your inquiries on Coronavirus in a timely manner.

  • Our company provides access to knowledgeable experts to help your company address specific Coronavirus challenges.

  • Our company provides you with online resources (e.g. website, portal, etc.) to stay current on how Coronavirus may impact my business.

The Open Ended Statement: Thinking about all of the ways you interact with our company, what is one area that could improve the most as it relates to the Coronavirus outbreak?

The Confidence Question: Overall, how confident are you in our ability to help you navigate your concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak?

In our efforts to give back during this time of need, we are offering our clients and prospects the opportunity to use the STAMP technology and platform at no cost to reach out to your constituents and open up the 2-way communication regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. We only ask that you help cover our modest labor costs to set up and administer your STAMPs.

If you are interested, please contact us or complete this form below.

We all need to do our part.

Stay healthy!

Marc E Pierce


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