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Retention Automation
For High Touch | Service Oriented Businesses

Voted Fastest Growing Retention Solution in 2023

Assess customer, channel and employee sentiment, significantly improve your ability to retain accounts, increase recurring revenue, and maximize customer lifetime value.

STAMP Delivers Measurable Business Impact*
*Stonegate 2003 Average Results; May Vary By Client

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"It's cheaper to keep a client then acquire a new one!"


Yet companies spend 5-lOX more on acquisition, when a mere 5% increase in retention can generate a 25-75% increase in net income.

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What is STAMP

STAMP Is Your Retention Automation Engine

STAMP is the industry's first Retention Automation platform that uses AI to systematize the retention process, saving clients time and increasing their retention.


What You Get

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Real-Time Dashboards

View real-time external facing dashboards on every client account visualizing how well you are delivering on the needs of each client.


View account manager dashboards, enabling you to see how well each account manager is performing across their book of business.


Not only does STAMP provide the Net Promoter Score (NPS), but also uses our proprietary algorithm to calculate your STAMP Score to quickly show what clients are loyal or at risk of loss.  

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What do you get

Don't wait to find out you haven't been meeting the needs of your customers

Let STAMP systematically obtain unbiased feedback from your business customers, provide real time dashboards on how you are performing, and alert you when there is an issue.

Money Matters
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