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Optimizing Account Management Teams

How do you measure success for each of your account managers? If you’re like most companies, you likely rely heavily on account retention statistics, supervisor feedback, or simply a lack of customer complaints. While these measures provide some level of insight, they are often subjective and based on the dangerous assumption that clients who aren’t complaining are fully satisfied.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were able to draw direct connections between each account manager’s performance and each customer’s overall (and ever-changing) perception of your company. Now, imagine the possibilities if you were able to track those connections at a granular level – providing actionable data on how each account manager is delivering on the key categories that are most important to each account. This is the power of account manager performance assessments.

How Objective Performance Assessments Can Drive Success


STAMP empowers you to create effective strategies for substantially improving customer experiences and employee satisfaction. The systematic analysis arms your account managers with the knowledge they need to thrive, including deep-dives into what’s most important to their accounts, performance tracking in key categories, and actionable data that supports effective remediation and retention plans. After all, it’s empowering for employees to see how their efforts contribute to increased renewal rates and maximized customer lifetime values.

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